Supercharged WCAG-EM tests, audits, evaluations

WCAG-EM compatible manual tests have landed! With this new feature, we are taking the WCAG-EM standard to a whole different level. This feature is included on all our plans for all our customers. To get started, you can go to your site’s menu and click compliance status and then “New test” to get started.

Supercharged WCAG-EM tests via Accessibility Cloud

Manual tests of Accessibility Cloud follows the industry standard WCAG-EM, with adding a lot of …


Comparison and accessibility audit of Semantic, MUI and Carbon Design

About this study

We compared some popular component libraries that comes with very different messages: Semantic for being the “mature guy in the room”, MUI for customisability and community support, and finally, IBM’s Carbon Design for accessibility. We tested all of them and compared them head-to-head for your reading pleasure 😀

Of course, since we are an accessibility company, our tests and evaluation method is purely from an accessibility standpoint. We hope you enjoy and benefit from this work.