New feature: Support for IGT (Intelligent Guided Tests) via Microsoft Accessibility Insights for Web

Accessibility Cloud now supports importing Microsoft Accessibility Insights for Web assessments! This means that everybody who is doing manual tests & audits in Accessibility Cloud can now benefit from having a workflow between Accessibility Cloud and Accessibility Insights for Web: While experienced accessibility testers can move faster, testers with less accessibility experience can immediately benefit from being able to do guided tests. What is an intelligent guided test? Intelligent guided tests are used to report ...


Share with bug trackers, project managers, automation suites and colleagues

This week we introduced the support for sharing functionality. This is useful for sending problems found by Accessibility Cloud to colleagues or to bug trackers, project management, and automation suites. How does it work? When you see the share icon, click it. In the next dialog you will need to configure your bug tracker or automation suite. This is a one-time setup. What can you share? You can share all the following: Errors Potential errors Occurrences ...


Release Notes for December 2023

We would like to take this opportunity to start our email by wishing you a happy holiday season. During the last two months we have introduced various features and improvements. This release note intends to highlight some of them. Features for manual testing & auditing Components Component detection and ability to create components for manual tests. Findings Findings allow an efficient way to report accessibility problems and track their status, complete with a snippet database ...


WCAG 2.2 support is live

This week we introduced the support for WCAG 2.2 to both automatic and manual testing capabilities of Accessibility Cloud. Automatic tests for WCAG 2.2 Feel free to choose WCAG 2.2 as a compliance target to your site, instead of, or in addition to your existing compliance targets. You can select as many as you like at the same time. Manual testing for WCAG 2.2 You can now do manual tests ...


Accessibility Cloud’s AI now generates solution suggestions

Accessibility Cloud’s AI program ACAI now generates solution suggestions based on the actual code which causes the accessibility problem. In the screen recording, you can observe an example of ACAI finding the problematic element: an input field with no accessible name. ACAI recognizes that this is a search field and suggests adding a label for it, which will introduce an accessible name “Search” for the previously unnamed input field to fix the accessibility error. ...


Section 508 and ADA testing is now available in Accessibility Cloud

Accessibility Cloud now supports both automatically and manual testing for Section 508 and ADA. Section 508 and ADA for manual tests Choose Section 508 or ADA as compliance target while doing a manual test / audit to get started. Since both Section 508 and ADA are based on WCAG, you will find familiar success criteria within your test / audit editor but other than them, you will also be able to select additional success criteria ...


Revolutionizing Web Accessibility Testing

How Accessibility Cloud Empowers Organizations Introduction In today's digital age, the importance of web accessibility cannot be overstated. As businesses expand their online presence, ensuring that their digital assets are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, is a moral and legal obligation. Accessibility Cloud, is transforming the landscape of web accessibility, offering organizations the tools they need to create inclusive digital experiences. This article explores how Accessibility Cloud can significantly enhance an ...


Automatically-assisted manual WCAG-EM tests / audits

As of last week, Accessibility Cloud supports automatically filling up all the success criteria that can be tested in your manual tests. Take a look at the screen recording below. Please note that the automatic tests are run for the pages you have in your test scope and by using the scanning engine set on your site instance and it is possible to change the scanning engine.


Automatically generated, real, proper accessibility statements!

You can now generate your accessibility statements with Accessibility Cloud. What is an accessibility statement? Accessibility statement is a compliance document, stating your website's level of accessibility. It is being used globally and it is a legal requirement within European Union 🇪🇺 for the public sector. Why is this feature important and unique to Accessibility Cloud? Although there are other accessibility statement generators available, similar to privacy policy generators, what they generate is a ...


QualWeb – Why scan your site’s accessibility with just one engine?

As of last week, Accessibility Cloud supports scanning with QualWeb as well. QualWeb is a highly capable accessibility defect scanning engine that supports a wide range of WCAG success criteria and ACT rules. QualWeb is being used in a number of European countries' monitoring agencies to do what's known as "simplified audits" and therefore a great addition to Accessibility Cloud since it extends the capabilities of the platform and matches the findings of the ...


Webinar: Hva er statusen blant Norges kommuner når det gjelder webtilgjengelighet?

Se og last ned rapporten Hva er statusen blant Norges kommuner når det gjelder webtilgjengelighet? Fra 1. februar skal alle Norges kommuner følge kravene i EUs webdirektiv for universell utforming, der UU-tilsynets oppgave er å sjekke om kravene faktisk blir oppfylt. Hvordan har arbeidet gått? Hvor langt har man kommet? Få tilgang til den nyeste rapporten basert på 350 000 undersøkte nettsider. Når: den 5. mai, 13:00 – 14:00 Lytt til gode eksempler ...


Supercharged WCAG-EM tests, audits, evaluations

WCAG-EM compatible manual tests have landed! With this new feature, we are taking the WCAG-EM standard to a whole different level. This feature is included on all our plans for all our customers. To get started, you can go to your site's menu and click compliance status and then "New test" to get started.Supercharged WCAG-EM tests via Accessibility CloudManual tests of Accessibility Cloud follows the industry standard WCAG-EM, with adding a lot of extra functionality ...


Comparison and accessibility audit of Semantic, MUI and Carbon Design

About this study We compared some popular component libraries that comes with very different messages: Semantic for being the "mature guy in the room", MUI for customisability and community support, and finally, IBM's Carbon Design for accessibility. We tested all of them and compared them head-to-head for your reading pleasure 😀 Of course, since we are an accessibility company, our tests and evaluation method is purely from an accessibility standpoint. We hope you enjoy ...