See how Accessibility Cloud is different, easy, collaborative and scalable.

Discover errors, occurrences, impact to users with disabilities, whether they are violations, see potential issues, solution suggestions, get in-context learning opportunities, scan documents, highlight problems on top of your site, and so much more.

Do manual accessibility tests with industry’s most comprehensive WCAG-EM testing suite which supports automatically assisted tests, multiple guidelines, markdown, in-context learning material, powerful import and export options and so much more.

Invite your colleagues, define who gets an email notification for what and let Accessibility Cloud do the rest. It will monitor your site continuously and inform you the moment new accessibility problems are discovered.

Compliance features

Define your compliance targets for one or more accessibility guidelines, see and track your compliance status, generate your accessibility statements, ACR and VPATs (coming soon) and keep them up-to-date.

Accessibility Cloud also tests for and finds errors which are related to site quality. These include 404 page not found errors, 500 internal server errors, server configuration errors, invalid MIME type errors and others.

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Accessibility features

Accessibility features to help you discover accessibility problems, improve your site, ensure a higher level of accessibility at scale — all on one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

  • Discover errors and potential issues, see breakdowns

  • See detailed descriptions and solution suggestions

  • Scan web pages and documents in the same platform
  • Process, convert and dismiss findings

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Compliance features

Compliance features to help you get and remain compliant with legal guidelines, generate accessibility statements, ACR and VPATs (coming soon) automatically and keep them up-to-date — all on one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

  • Define one or more compliance targets for legal guidelines

  • Analyse, get alerts for and keep track of compliance status

  • Generate accessibility statement, ACR and VPAT automatically (coming soon)
  • Keep your legal compliance documents up-to-date

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