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Test & monitor your websites and documents against WCAG, EN 301 549, BITV, RGAA, Section 508 and ADA. Accessibility Cloud offers automatic and manual accessibility tests, monitoring and compliance management within the same powerful platform.

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Automated testing

Take advantage of multiple automatic accessibility testing engines, test your entire site and track your progress.

Test with what matters

Test with multiple engines; including the same one as your country’s monitoring agency to have meaningful comparisons.

Manual testing

Perform automatically-assisted WCAG-EM tests for EN 301 549, BITV, RGAA, Section 508 and ADA.

No more spreadsheets

All the test cases you need for different laws, guidelines and standards in one place, supporting imports and exports.


Ensure your content, all of it, remains accessible, all the time. Enjoy periodic monitoring, alerts and on-demand scanning.

Powerful & flexible

Fast and flexible monitoring configurations, including speed, scope, scanning engine, selective exclusions and more.


Choose your compliance targets, conformity level and country. Automatically create your compliance documents.

Expertise as software

Local and accessibility expertise required for compliance documents, implemented as software.

Supported compliance targets

Accessibility Cloud supports the following compliance targets for both automated and manual accessibility testing.

  • WCAG 2.1
  • WCAG 2.2
  • EN 301 549
  • EAA
  • BITV
  • RGAA
  • Section 508
  • ADA
  • PDF/UA

Accessibility Cloud with numbers

Guidelines & standards
Success criteria
Scanning engines
Automatic test rules
Partial WCAG coverage

Is your website really accessible & compliant?

If you don’t test manually, you just don’t know.

Accessibility Cloud doesn’t provide you with misleading compliance claims, arbitrary accessibility scores or other types of happy pie charts which are created solely by relying on automatic tests.

Automatic scanning engines’ coverage of WCAG (including axe-core, WAVE, SiteImprove Alfa, OAW, QualWeb) ranges between 25% and 57%, even with the most optimistic estimates. Therefore, compliance of a website with an accessibility guideline can only be determined as a result of a manual test, or an audit.

Accessibility Cloud uses manual tests for compliance and automatic tests for monitoring and for determining non-compliance.

Graphic taken from Accessibility Cloud product user interface, showing that the compliance with a guideline / standard can only be determined by manual accessibility testing

Threat: Misled belief of compliance

Graphic depicting EN 301 549/EAA encompassing the entirety of WCAG, including all conformance levels, namely A, AA, and AAA and showing how little of WCAG could be automatically tested, highlighting the necessity and importance of manual testing when it comes to web accessibility. Accessibility Cloud differentiates itself by offering manual testing capabilities along with automatic testing capabilities. Although we are continuously investing into automation for increasing our platforms’ already cutting-edge capabilities when it comes to automatic accessibility defect scanning, we are also guiding our customers correctly into learning about accessibility, and not misguide them by showing arbitrary scores which are based solely on automatic testing.

Quotes from happy customers

With Accessibility Cloud, we found accessibility errors, discovered their impact, saw how widespread each problem was, prioritized, and understood how they could be remediated. We were able to quickly solve some of our site’s problems since the service is very easy to understand and “chat with accessibility specialists” feature was of great help.

Cristina Menduinya Palma, Municipality of Oslo
Accessibility Cloud has given our work on developing our digital accessibility a real push forward. The tool is easy to use and gives us valuable information on how to solve accessibility errors and issues on our websites. We also appreciate the versatility with the platform, for example set different compliance targets, and real-time accessibility support.
Andreas Holm, Municipality of Staffanstorp

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