Accessibility Cloud is a result of more than 20 years’ worth of dedicated accessibility work of its founders. Accessibility Cloud uses the power of software, automation, AI, and machine learning to create helpful tools for website owners.

Every individual on this planet will experience some form of disability — either temporary or permanent — at some point in their life. This disability may be minor and inconsequential, situational or it may be one that is major, significantly affecting one’s life. But regardless of its severity or occasion, individuals face disruptions to their day-to-day routines.

This disruption is because much of the modern society has been designed and built with a particular user in mind — young, fully abled, male, with average build and right-handed. If you happen to not fit even one of the criteria, there will come a time when you face difficulties either using or handling different products and services.

Even the internet is no different, having been designed and built with the inherent — and flawed — assumption that its users are all 100% abled. This inherent ableism means that the “builders” of websites often fail to realise that individuals with disabilities want to use their websites just like everyone else. This disregard does not happen out of malice, but often because of unintentional ignorance.

Our customers take advantage of the power of automated accessibility testing and monitoring solutions we provide while enjoying top quality remediation services which can be ordered from to the platform itself. By using Accessibility Cloud, organisations can learn more about the accessibility of their websites, monitor their status, get access to a wide variety of accessibility and compliance tools and order additional services.

Accessibility Cloud starts making a huge difference in how organisations approach accessibility and continues to deliver consistent results in achieving higher accessibility and compliance objectives.

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Our Mission

Making accessibility and compliance achievable

Even in 2022, 96.8% of all websites in the world fail to meet established accessibility standards. As a result, some individuals are unable to access services and products that are present on the internet like others. This is also becoming a democracy issue as more and more of the public services are being offered and accessed through various digital interfaces.

Accessibility Cloud wants to change that. We believe by providing services and tools to website owners we can accelerate the pace of digital inclusion for all groups of the society.   Therefore, we want to give the developers and designers of websites — many of whom are more than open to making accessibility a key aspect of development — the right tools and guidance to build accessible websites.

More than just that, Accessibility Cloud also aims to transform the world of accessibility defect scanning, which has long been driven by rule-based scanners, by utilising cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and computer vision. Through our innovative technologies, we hope to make accessibility defect scanning more comprehensive and readily available, in the hope of making our dream of creating a more equitable world come true.

Our values

Our values reflect our identity. They guide in our decisions, actions, and interactions.


We strive to generate long-term value to our customers and end users for their accessibility needs.

Customer obsession

Everything starts and end with what our customers need. We treat our customers as our partners.

Inclusion & diversity

We empower inclusion to improve diversity. We strive to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone.


We conduct our business with highest ethical standards in a transparent way to bring the highest value to our customers.

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