We are a technology-focused accessibility company

Compared to generic internet companies who offer “accessibility as a feature”, or accessibility service companies whose focus is about manual service delivery, Accessibility Cloud offers a refreshing alternative. It combines effective use of technology with industry expertise, a deep understanding of the guidelines and requirements.

Illustration of office people building a cross-platform accessible website

Strong experience in digital accessibility

Accessibility Cloud’s founders and advisors bring their decades worth of accessibility experience into Accessibility Cloud.

Coverage & usefulness

Accessibility Cloud is revolutionising the way organisations test for web accessibility and maintain compliance across numerous guidelines and regulations, such as WCAG, EN 301 549, European Web Accessibility Directive, Section 508, ADA, PDF/UA and more.

This means less time dealing with thousands of rows of findings, not maintaining spreadsheets, not going-back and forth with consultants and reports of different systems, and not trying to decipher what needs to be done and by whom.

With Accessibility Cloud, you spend only a fraction of the time compared to other testing solutions and web governance suites and accomplish so much more, allowing you to focus on delivering accessible and innovative web experiences.

Progress indicators, showing the difference in time spent by using Accessibility Cloud vs other tools, highlighting the time savings with Accessibility Cloud

CMS agnostic and requires no integration

Accessibility Cloud can be used with any website, built with any CMS or technology.

It requires no integration and therefore doesn’t slow your site down.

Logos of various web technologies and content management systems: HTML, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, Svelte, jQuery, WordPress, Episerver, Optimizely, Drupal, CustomPublish, ACOS, Sitevision, and Joomla!

Built with GDPR in mind

Accessibility Cloud is a cloud-based service with data centers located all within Sweden; Gävle and Stockholm.

Accessibility Cloud doesn’t collect, process or store any personally identifiable data.

Accessibility Cloud only has 4 sub-processors, all of which are also located within Europe:

  • Microsoft Azure, Sweden
  • HubSpot, Germany
  • Auth0, Germany
  • Mailjet, Germany
Logos of Azure, HubSpot, auth0, and mailjet
Map of European Economic Area where Sweden is highlighted to show data center locations of Accessibility Cloud

Get started with Accessibility Cloud

Accessibility Cloud is a comprehensive web accessibility testing platform which offers automatic and manual testing, document testing, powerful accessibility compliance features and so much more.

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