Easy to get started

Getting started with Accessibility Cloud is fast and easy.

Screenshot from the scanning page of Accessibility Cloud

1️⃣ Scan your site

Right away

Widget showing error counts, grouped by user impact levels

2️⃣ Check the errors

In seconds

3️⃣ Set notifications

In seconds

Widget showing average errors over time per page

4️⃣ Monitor your site


Easy to advance

Advanced features that makes big differences.

Screenshot of the compliance target selection page

Select your compliance targets

Perform manual accessibility tests

Screenshot of accessibility statement generation page in Accessibility Cloud

Generate your accessibility statement

Screenshot of total errors over time chart; critical user impact level is isolated and in view

Remediate and see improvements

Easy to understand & use

With Accessibility Cloud, you don’t get lost between bad design, complexity, and jargon, like many other services out there.

Accessibility Cloud offers a clean, easy to understand user interface and actionable insights.

Screenshot of Accessibility Cloud's intuitive and easy-to-use user interface

Get started with Accessibility Cloud

Accessibility Cloud is a comprehensive web accessibility testing platform which offers automatic and manual testing, document testing, powerful accessibility compliance features and so much more.

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