Automatic accessibility testing

Accessibility Cloud combines powerful crawling, scanning and analysis features with an intuitive interface.

Main benefits include:

  • Grouped and prioritised errors and occurrences across the entire site
  • Highlights errors on top of your website
  • Identifies new and resolved errors automatically
  • Offers powerful filters for errors, pages, roles, and guidelines
  • Compares scans from two different dates
  • Finds similar occurrences
  • Shows affected pages by a specific error
  • Provides solution suggestions and in-context learning material about violated guidelines, problem descriptions and best practices

Unlimited on-demand accessibility defect scanning

Accessibility Cloud offers unlimited on-demand scanning on all plans. This means you can scan your entire site any time you want, without limits. This feature is possible because of Accessibility Cloud’s hyper-scalable technical infrastructure.

Our public scanners provide unparalleled scanning and monitoring performance, and we deploy new scanners constantly to keep the scanning and monitoring performance high.

With Accessibility Cloud, you can expect to scan between 2,000 to 10,000 pages per hour, on average.

Please note that the performance of scanning and monitoring is directly correlated to how fast we can communicate with your web server.

Screenshot of the on-demand scan widget that shows the button to start the process and information about the last scan

Scan pages and documents behind logins

Accessibility Cloud scans pages behind logins by allowing the definition of granular scan parameters.

Please note: This feature requires advanced scan options to work. Some advanced scan options are not available on our free plan, Basic.

Powerful exclusion capabilities

You can exclude content, pages, URLs, specific HTML selectors or all iframe tags across your site.

Multiple compliance targets

You can choose multiple compliance targets for each site. You can also control the conformance level between AA and AAA and choose to include accessibility errors that don’t cause violations.

Currently supported: EN 301 549, WCAG, BITV, RGAA, Section 508 and ADA.

Multiple accessibility defect scanning engines

You can choose an engine that works for your purpose. You can test your sites with multiple engines, including the same one as your country’s monitoring agency to have meaningful comparisons.

Currently supported: axe-core and QualWeb

Screenshot of accessibility defect scanning engine selection on Accessibility Cloud

AI-generated solution suggestions

Accessibility Cloud’s AI program ACAI generates solution suggestions based on the actual code which causes the accessibility problem.

In the screen recording, you can observe an example of ACAI finding the problematic element: an input field with no accessible name.

ACAI recognizes that this is a search field and suggests adding a label for it, which will introduce an accessible name “Search” for the previously unnamed input field to fix the accessibility error.

You can ask for another solution suggestion from ACAI or report an incorrect solution suggestion. ACAI is currently in training, and it may occasionally provide incorrect solution suggestions. The more you report, the better it will become.

AI-generated solutions suggestions are available on all plans, including Basic.

Manual accessibility testing (automatically assisted)

Accessibility Cloud offers powerful manual accessibility testing capabilities as well, while retaining full compatibility with WCAG-EM.

Main benefits include:

  • Multiple guidelines are available including WCAG, EN 301 549, BITV, RGAA, Section 508 and ADA
  • Automatically tests all applicable success criteria across all pages within the test scope
  • Supports Markdown for formatting with live preview
  • Supports exporting to Excel, HTML, and JSON
  • Supports importing and exporting WCAG-EM JSON-LD files
  • Supports role filters
  • Offers learning material for how each success criteria can be tested
  • Easy to understand and convenient to use


Findings feature is the backbone for manual accessibility tests. Findings can be created manually, or from automated test results or intelligent guided test results.

Findings come with Accessibility Cloud’s purpose-built snippet library that is connected to WCAG techniques for failures and their solution suggestions which allows an accelerated authoring process for your manual tests and audits.

  • Findings can be created manually or from other sources, including automatic test results
  • Findings can be imported to accessibility audits
  • Findings can be shared with Jira, GitHub, Zapier and others
  • Findings can be used as a backlog for accessibility defects, supporting a workflow between accessibility defects, to bug trackers and back to Accessibility Cloud for further testing
  • Findings are connected to WCAG techniques and WCAG success criteria
  • Findings can be associated with pages and/or components
  • Findings can be copied and pasted between site instances
  • Findings provides guidance for which disability groups being affected, the user impact and the roles require to be involved in remediation, for each individual finding
Screenshot from the new finding creation dialog

Intelligent guided testing

Accessibility Cloud currently supports intelligent guided tests from Microsoft’s Accessibility Insights for Web.

What is an intelligent guided test?

Intelligent guided tests are used to report accessibility problems by asking testers a series of simple questions about the page being tested and highlighting components and their values. Testing tools that offer intelligent guided tests build test reports based on those answers. Intelligent guided tests allow accessibility errors to be caught efficiently without requiring accessibility expertise.

Accessibility statement generation

Accessibility Cloud’s accessibility statements are automatically generated from the manual tests or audits by using all their applicable fields and doing all the necessary adjustments and calculations.

They ensure legal standing of the document by covering all local requirements per country/region and allows customisation. All the expertise required to generate an accessibility statement is now included in your subscription.

Feature highlights:

  • Based on manual tests / audits / evaluations
  • Specific content for each country & language combination
  • Automatic calculation of necessary fields, such as compliance status
  • All the necessary fields included, automatically calculated/populated, editable and removable
  • Downloadable as HTML
Screenshot of a newly generated accessibility statement for the Accessibility Cloud website

Accessibility monitoring

Accessibility Cloud monitors your websites periodically with parameters of your choosing, including query strings, advanced inclusion and exclusions rules which support regex, alternative resolutions, headers, cookies, and more. Accessibility Cloud performs hundreds of tests for your content (web pages & documents) to find non-compliance issues.

Screenshot of Accessibility Cloud's Total errors over time widget showing error count changes over time, grouped by user impact level
Graphic showing accessibility errors grouped by user impact levels and presented with occurrence count as a paper, coming out of an envelope

Newly discovered errors, grouped together, made understandable and delivered as an email notification.

Document testing

Accessibility Cloud finds and test documents which are linked to your website for accessibility defects and gives you detailed information:

  • File information
  • Accessibility error count
  • Types of errors
  • Violations
  • Disability groups affected
  • Who can fix
  • and more…
Document info and errors panes in view in Accessibility Cloud, showing a document, it's information, it's scan results for accessibility defects

Quality problems

Accessibility Cloud scans your site for generic quality problems:

  • Broken pages
  • Broken links
  • Incorrect MIME types
  • and more…
Failures and error details panes active in Accessibility Cloud, showing 142 counts of broken links found in a site, along with broken links and the referring pages

Language options

Accessibility Cloud offers multiple languages in the user interface.

  • English
  • Danish
  • French
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Dutch (coming soon)
  • Finnish (coming soon)
  • Turkish (coming soon)
User interface part of Accessibility Cloud where users have the ability to switch between available user interface languages

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