WCAG-EM compatible manual tests have landed! With this new feature, we are taking the WCAG-EM standard to a whole different level. This feature is included on all our plans for all our customers. To get started, you can go to your site’s menu and click compliance status and then “New test” to get started.

Supercharged WCAG-EM tests via Accessibility Cloud

Manual tests of Accessibility Cloud follows the industry standard WCAG-EM, with adding a lot of extra functionality on top of it while retaining compatibility. Here are some of them:

Delightful, fast and easier testing experience

Screenshot of a manual test in Accessibility Cloud

Styling with Markdown, screenshots and more

Ability to add styling via markdown and screenshots or other images while retaining full compatibility with WCAG-EM’s JSON-LD format.

Screenshot of Markdown usage in Accessibility Cloud manual tests

Import and export WCAG-EM compatible JSON-LD

Ability to freely import & export your tests to and from Accessibility Cloud.

Screenshot of import and export JSON buttons

Smart sample selection

Smart sample selection suggests you pages or automatically selects them. Screenshot of markdown usage in Accessibility Cloud manual tests

Automatic tests before manual tests startAutomatic testing combined with manual testing

Published On: 2023-01-22 /

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