As of last week, Accessibility Cloud supports scanning with QualWeb as well. QualWeb is a highly capable accessibility defect scanning engine that supports a wide range of WCAG success criteria and ACT rules.

QualWeb is being used in a number of European countries’ monitoring agencies to do what’s known as “simplified audits” and therefore a great addition to Accessibility Cloud since it extends the capabilities of the platform and matches the findings of the simplified audits of monitoring agencies who use QualWeb.

If you are using only axe-core to scan your site, you are probably missing out. To find previously undiscovered accessibility errors on your site, give QualWeb a try:

  1. Create a new site instance
  2. Go to Scan settings
  3. Turn on “Advanced options”
  4. Select QualWeb from engine selection at the bottom of the page
Published On: 2023-05-22 /

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