Accessibility Cloud now supports importing Microsoft Accessibility Insights for Web assessments! This means that everybody who is doing manual tests & audits in Accessibility Cloud can now benefit from having a workflow between Accessibility Cloud and Accessibility Insights for Web: While experienced accessibility testers can move faster, testers with less accessibility experience can immediately benefit from being able to do guided tests.

What is an intelligent guided test?

Intelligent guided tests are used to report accessibility problems by asking testers a series of simple questions about the page being tested and highlighting components and their values. Testing tools that offers intelligent guided tests build test reports based on those answers. Intelligent guided tests allow accessibility errors to be caught efficiently without requiring accessibility expertise.

Which intelligent guided tests are supported?

Accessibility Cloud currently supports intelligent guided tests from Microsoft’s Accessibility Insights for Web.

Accessibility Insights is a trademark of Microsoft and Axe DevTools is a trademark of Deque.

How do I use this feature?

  1. Download Accessibility Insights for Web browser extension
  2. Go to the page you want to test and select Accessibility Insights from the extensions menu
  3. Select “Assessment” from Accessibility Insights menu
  4. Follow the test instructions and complete your assessment and export the test results as JSON
  5. Import the JSON file into Accessibility Cloud to include the findings of your intelligent guided test in your manual tests & audits

Quick demonstration

The following screen recording demonstrate how the new feature works.

Published On: 2024-01-16 /

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