Accessibility Cloud’s Findings feature has been completely revamped with new features and content. Here is everything new:

Findings can now be created from automatic tests and guided tests, as well as manually

Screenshot of an automatically discovered error being converted into a Finding

Findings can be shared with bug trackers, such as Jira and Github or automation suites such as Zapier

Screenshot of the share button for a Finding

New and improved snippet library for Findings, complete with links to WCAG Techniques, both for failures and for solution suggestions

Screenshot showing linked WCAG Techniques to finding snippets

Findings now can be copy pasted between site instances

Screenshot of the copy button from Findings

New fields for affected disability groups, impact, and requires involvement of

Screenshot of the new fields, namely affects, impact, and requires involvement of

Findings can be associated with components and/or pages

Screenshot of affected page and/or component selection

Published On: 2024-05-15 /

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